My journey as “kitchen witch” really began as a child. I would conjure up food for our cats in the backyard using hose water, Meow Mix, and typically whatever flowers I could find in the garden and then I would attempt to feed it to them in between the Magic School classes I was running out of the shed in our backyard. It was all very sophisticated. 

Around that same time, I would also help Mae (Thai for mother) cook for large groups of folks at our congregation, the emergency department where she worked, and whosever birthday it was at the Naval hospital that week. Occasionally, I would also help Pops bake a cake or make pancakes. There was a lot going on in our kitchen growing up. I have fond memories of sitting on the floor making Thai food with our hands, reading out of a Betty Crocker cookbook while Mae threw ingredients in disregarding the measurements, and gathering in there for parties, oftentimes with multiple languages being spoken simultaneously and my brain lighting up with all the excitement. 

Now, I use those skills in a myriad of ways, mostly cooking for groups of volunteers at Warrior Heart Ranch with HeatherAsh Amara, cooking for apprentices and questers in the wilderness or at a retreat center, and teaching anyone who asks how I prepared my latest meal using intuition, my senses, and curiosity. 

Right now, I’m moving my blog focus to talk about cooking as ritual and for the foreseeable future, it will be focused on how to use cooking to support the physical form in healing from an environment of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and an overproduction of yeast–leading to inflammation. I’m so glad you are here and hope you find some of the stories ahead inspiring.