A Year to Live 


The vision of this program came to me as part of a nighttime dream and I’ve incorporated the many lessons I’ve learned since it’s inception. Additionally, I’ve curated the many tools that have supported me in living each year as if it were my last–not out of fear, but out of YES!

A Year to Live is an advanced circle of those who have worked with me before or those who have pre-approval to join based on a 1:1 conversation with me. 

It is only open to 12 individuals. Once those spots have filled the program will be closed. 

We’ll meet monthly over a year to study Toltec and Buddhist teachings to live our life wholeheartedlyas if we had received notice this was the last year of our life.



The Set Up

Through a monthly workshop and two group coaching sessions a month we’ll learn what it means to truly access freedom in every moment.

This circle will bring together art, creativity, dream work, divination tools, strategic planning, energy work, wisdom teachings, community and individual ritual, and a year-long initiatory rite of passage




$147/month for 12 months or $1097 if Paid in Full  

**Registration closes November 7th.

 I’m ready!


The Year at a Glance

Month 1


Introduction to the program + The Call Answered/Remembering
Month 2


The Severance Journey: Devotion, support, and deep faith
Month 3


The Severance Journey: Dying, and the Afterlife + Dreaming with Death
Month 4


The Severance Journey: Grief and Forgiveness
Month 5


Threshold Phase Part I: Fear and Love
Month 6


Threshold Part II: Creativity and Curiosity

Month 7


Threshold Part III: Prayer, ritual, and more dreaming
Month 8


Threshold Part IV: The purpose circle
Month 9


The Return + BIG Community Ritual
Month 10


Integration/Incorporation/ Embodiment: Storytelling, creating art, and dreaming
Month 11


Reintegration to the rest of the world + Collective Responsibility
Month 12


Dreaming our Intent into Being // Re-Entrance




Saturday Workshop Dates

All workshops are from 1-5PM with an optional potluck at noon. They will be local in Arlington, TX.

October 27th

November 10th

December 22nd

January 26th

February 9th

March 2nd

April 27th

May 18th

June 1st

July 20th

August 3rd

September 28th

Group Coaching Session time(s)

Thursdays from 7-8:30 CDT via Zoom (virtual classroom)

November 8thand 29th

December 6thand  20th 

January 3rdand 24th

February 7thand 28th

March 7thand 28th

April 4thand 18th

May 2ndand 16th

June – No group coaching sessions this month, instead we’ll have a longer workshop and big community ritual + you’ll each have a 75-minute private session with Sarina

July – 18thand 25th

August 8th and 22nd

September  – 12th and 26th