Creative Harz – The Company

(pronounced /härts/)

Bridging the ordinary with the extraordinary through ritual and guidance from our ancestors. 

Our vision: A world where magic is accessible and available to everyone. 



The essence of ritual is marking a transition and playing with what is possible. Tt’s about seeing the magic all around us and coming back to choice in every moment while using our power impeccably. 



We are all on a quest through our lives and we can build connection with others and express ourselves through this age-old art. It doesn’t have to be through speaking. We can story tell through cooking, painting, ritual, grant writing, teaching, etc. It’s an expression and an art. It’s creative and vibrant. 



This is also known as: owning our unique ray of light and shining it into the world. This comes from Toltec teachings. We are all beams of light that have our own frequency, our own way of shining. Our true work in the world is found there. If we dedicate our lives to cleaning up our agreements, we become internally free and can shine our light into the world so it can shift the Dream of the Planet (which is based in fear and scarcity) to one that reflects unconditional love back so we know we are All That Is and anything is possible. So let’s play with what is possible!

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S. Sarina Harz – The Witch, Professor, and Human Being


I grew up in the desert of Southern California. I was fortunate enough to have Joshua Tree National Park as my childhood playground! I still return home a few times of year when I need to recharge and connect with the desert sun.

I moved from the rural desert to city life in North Texas where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. After a few years of working in the trenches at AIDS Outreach Center in Fort Worth, I moved to beautiful San Diego, CA and earned my Master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on Community Development.  I worked in a non-profit setting from 2009-2016 and it is from my experience with highly stigmatized populations (such as HIV, LGBTQIA+, survivors of torture, commercial sex workers, and people living with addiction) and serving people facing the threat of death every day that I learned to honor my gifts of intuition, helping people incorporate play into their lives, and storytelling.

Currently, I have two cats (Anakin Lucas, and Daryl) who reside with me and my partner in North Texas. We reside on the colonized lands of the Kickapoo, Jumanos, Tawakoni, Wichita, and Companche nations. In my free time, you can find me traveling with HeatherAsh Amara as part of her support team, questing in the wilderness, playing with fire and faeries, dreaming of receiving my letter from Hogwarts, reading about Toltec magic, and cooking with curiosity in my kitchen. 

“let’s dream and create with the vastness of the infinite seas of possibility. . .”

Photo credit: Catherine Just Photography and Elena Ray ArtSaveSave