Greetings Magical Ones!

I would like to share a dream that came through during our Magic Messages workshop yesterday. . .
The Dragon’s Well

A maiden sorceress appears and I enter a portal into the Dragon’s Well. There is a deep, enchanted pool of water guarded by a merdragon. She is stunning. Her bluish green scales are almost iridescent. There are hints of sea foam and indigo dancing on her body. She stands so tall. I feel small next to her and yet equal in partnership. She ushers me forward and shows me how to drink from the well. I cup my hands in front of me and lower them. As the water begins to fill them, I sense its power. I raise my hands up and the water meets my lips. The water is almost sweet. It’s refreshing and life giving. As I continue to take in the water, I feel the oil rise. . .my stale, old emotions and agreements begin floating up. I sense the knee-jerk reaction to close off to them–to push them down. I take a deep breath and drink some more. I feel the oil rise higher. I allow it to begin flowing out. I cry. I allow all that needs to come up to do so. When I feel this part is complete, I take out a container from my satchel and fill it with the well water. I thank the merdragon, Lady Luna Isabella. I look up and see Peacock has joined me. She is ready to take me back to where I came from. It’s time to return from this dream. I bid Lady Luna farewell and hop on Peacock’s back.

This dream was like that water. It poured so much life into my well and it also brought up the death. It brought up the things that were ready to surrender to my inner fire.

It feels so good to stay open and to invite in the death part of the Life/Death/Life cycle.

Now, I do not mean at first. It takes some practice to undo all the teachings we’ve taken on and digested about closing off to “negative” emotions. Here’s the truth, there are no negative emotions. There are just feelings and the stories we wrap around them. The negative part is really just the energy behind our stories are draining us versus empowering us.

As Lady Luna Isabella pointed out in my dream, if we drink of the well–if we pour clean, pure water into our souls, the gunky stuff will come up. It’s one of the core lessons of Warrior Goddess path. I even revisit this teaching during each of my classes. Oftentimes it is also what we have labeled as being bad. They are the uncomfortable feelings. Perhaps the ones we’ve even labeled as darkness. This is all an illusion. Everything is just energy. Everything is a reflection of light. We have to be willing to see it though. We need to choose to breathe through those really uncomfy places.

I’m going to tell you one more story. . .

So yesterday I had the privilege of being able to follow these Warrior Goddess Training teachings (the ones I just finished teaching a six week course on) in a moment of. . .tension. Someone was having some anger move through them. They snapped and I immediately felt the tug to try and fix it. I asked what was wrong, then they closed off. I felt myself try to fix it. The pleaser in me begging to let her try to fix this. I took a deep breath. I felt the tears welling up inside me. I removed myself from the situation and went to a safe place. I let the tears come up. I allowed the oil to pour out. Even though I knew I didn’t have time before heading off to co-facilitate our Magic Messages workshop, I chose to give myself three minutes to let whatever was coming up to come up. And up it came! My judge was having a field day. She wore her extra sassy stilettos and power suit. All these agreements started flooding in. I kept breathing. I kept crying. I let it all up. My breath helped keep me center. My tears kept things flowing. I then grabbed a notebook, jotted everything down, and headed out the door.

It was so fluid. So cathartic. I allowed myself the three minutes, then honored the transition I needed to make. I cried the whole way to the workshop. Then, as I arrived at the teaching location, I switched roles. I breathed life into my role as facilitator and used the energy from my emotions to teach and facilitate. I was transparent about what was going on and it helped deepen our lesson about creative energy and shamanic dream work. I love that my job allows me to do this. I talked about how everything is energy. It is my energy. It is of me and I can direct it where I need to go. I can create because of it and with its help art manifests through me. I can be the channel for this magic and that’s exactly what we did during the workshop.

The lesson here? Allow it all to come up. Just breathe through it. Keep steady. Fall apart. It’s all magical in its own right.

Your own power animals and guides are there to usher you into the discomfort. They are there to support you fully as you dig into the darkness. They will help you through it. If you ask, they will show you the tools to use and the way to go. Trust them. Trust yourself. It’s all the same. Go inside yourself. The answers are there.

Finally, allow the layers to peel away. It’s a messy, lovely process. The element of fire will burn those layers away and water will wash away any debris.

Drink from the well.



With enchanted well water,

Your Creative Priestess

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