One of the first things we learn is fire always burns. . .

. . . but what if we could show you that’s not true? 


When you first see someone walk on fire, or you walk yourself, this fundamental law shatters. And suddenly the world new, full of possibilities.


If it wasn’t true that fire burns all the time, what else that you have been telling yourself might also not be true? This is the gift and lesson of firewalking: by challenging our beliefs we open up our perspective and begin to take responsibility for creating something more expanded and powerful with our lives. We step into being the change we want to see in the world.

Firewalking is an ancient tool that we can still access in our modern world. It has the ability to open our perception so we get unstuck in our lives. During this evening workshop and fire ritual, we will teach you how to raise your energy through creative exploration and a map for how to greet obstacles to the change you are desiring in your life.



{Fire walk with us}

Creative Harz presents. . .

Winter Solstice + 108 Firewalk!


We invite you to an evening of releasing, healing, transformation, and playing with fire! 



Join us on December 21st, for a beautiful fire and water ritual + transformational workshop on how to release what’s not serving you with love and raise energy to find liberation. . .


108 has long been considered a sacred number and we invite you to partake in this fire ritual of walking 108 times. . .don’t worry, we won’t be tracking your individual walks, so you can feel into how much is actually the right number for you! We will walk to our heart’s content, bringing what needs to be released to Grandfather Fire as we honor the Winter Solstice. 


I’m in!


 Photo credit: Christy Gaudet 

Our Firewalk Instructor cohort with our teacher, HeatherAsh Amara                         Photo credit: Catherine Just 


“So from a shamanic perspective, if you want something in your life to change, you must have as much or more energy than the thing you want to transform. This raising of your inner energy is synonymous with what I call awakening your inner fire. “

-HeatherAsh Amara

Awaken Your Inner Fire



Our teacher and trainer, HeatherAsh Amara         
Photo by Catherine Just

What you need to know

  • December 21st
  • Optional Book exchange
  • 5PM-midnight
  • Glen Rose, TX
  • Empowerment workshop + Firewalk + water ritual
  • $108 investment by November 15th via PayPal

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Yes! I’m ready!


Your Fire Faerie for the Evening

Sarina Harz is a Certified Firewalk Instructors and Empowerment Coaches through the Sundoor International Firewalking School for Transpersonal Education.  She was trained by HeatherAsh Amara, bestselling author of Warrior Goddess Training and Master Firewalk Instructor. She has traveled with HeatherAsh as part of her firewalk support team and tended fire for thousands of people. 

Sarina is a Toltec apprentice of HeatherAsh and part of the Jaguar Knight lineage. Sarina is also a teaching assistant to HeatherAsh and travels around the world as part of her support team. She has walked on fire hundreds of times over the last three years and fire has been one of her greatest teachers. 

Sarina tending fire in Teotihucan, Mexico    Photo by Christy Gaudet