Sacred Sexuality and Sacral Medicine Workshop

Join us for a day (or weekend) of sacral medicine.

It is time for us to heal the places our sexuality has been shut down, turned off, and put into a box. 



It is time for us to tap into the infinite power of our sacral energy–our life force–and transform our lives through passion, fire, and open-heartedness. 




  • A full-day of experiential activities curated to bring you a full body healing experience
  • Teachings based in European Shamanism, Toltec, and Buddhist traditions
  • Guided visualization and drum journey to reclaim your sexuality as sacred, deep in the heart of Mother Earth
  • Water and earth ritual
  • Heart-Opening ceremony
  • Energetic clearings and reclamation practices
  • Sound and movement ritual
  • Clothing-optional firewalk under the Aquarius Full Moon
  • 2 nourishing meals ( lunch and dinner)

This powerful, in-person workshop will be hosted on sacred land in Glen Rose, Texas at High Hope Ranch. The ranch is stewarded by four amazing womxn and their team of ranch hands. 

Optional Add-on (all prices include add-ons, lodging, and food):


• Sleepover with dreamtime work before lights out

• Nourishing breakfast and dream sharing time

• Morning movement

• Closing ceremony with take away gift


For those wild-hearted ones who like outdoor sleeping, camping is available for $15/person. You must provide your own tent and camping equipment.

In the ranch house, we also have a private room available for $60 and shared lodging available for 3 people at $30/person (first come first served). All people staying in the house share 2 bathrooms.


If you are interested in the add-on, please email


The revolution of loving ourself fully is upon us. As we do this work, we are healing not only ourselves, but our ancestors and our descendants. 



This workshop and ritual space is inclusive of trans* and non-binary identities regardless of surgical status.


You are welcome and loved in this space. You are a reflection of the divine and we honor your presence. 



$111 Early Bird (through May 5th)

$155 Regular Registration (May 6th-June 1st)

$199 Late Registration (June 1st-15th. ALL registration closed on the 15th of June).


YES! Let’s do it baby!




If you would like to sponsor a womxn of color to be able to attend, please contact


**Please note there is a clothing-optional firewalk ritual as part of this workshop, which means some participants may be naked, topless, bottomless, etc. We honor our wildish nature in this space and invite you to partake in whatever ways feel comfortable. This event is only available to those 18 years or older due to the nature of our activities and consent requires. 


Space limited to 22 magical beings o’ love. 



YES! I’m in!!



Meet Your Magical Mavens of Sacral Medicine


Sarina Harz and Kim Warfel are Certified Firewalk Instructors and Empowerment Coaches through the Sundoor International Firewalking School for Transpersonal Education.  They were both trained by HeatherAsh Amara, bestselling author of Warrior Goddess Training and Master Firewalk Instructor. They have traveled with HeatherAsh as part of her firewalk support team and collectively tended fire for thousands of people. They are both studying ways to reclaim our energy and our lives. 

Sarina is a Toltec apprentice of HeatherAsh and part of the Eagle Knight lineage, which includes don Miguel Ruiz and the entire Ruiz family. Sarina is also a teaching assistant to HeatherAsh and travels around the world as part of her support team. She has walked on fire hundreds of times over the last three years and fire has been one of her greatest teachers. Sarina has been working with magic and energy work since her teenage years and is currently working diligently to heal ancestral karma through her maternal lineage. She believe ritual is imperative to healing our intimacy with ourselves and each other. 

Kim is a Priestess through Sofia Sundara’s Priestess School and and apprentice of The Fountain of Life’s Womb Awakening apprenticeship program . She has walked on fire hundreds of time and loves to play with the edges of fire and what is possible. Kim dances across the fire with a fierceness that leaves you wanting more. She believes in the passion that comes from communing with fire and how it ignites one’s sexuality and life force energy so that we can do the seemingly impossible. She is currently studying how womb healing can transform our lives with others and also the depths of creating space for direct and honest conversations around where we have been harmed. 





Photo credit:  Chanel Baran  (left); Catherine Just (center); Elena Ray (right)