Warrior Goddess He(art): Big Myth Excavation


Join a group of dedicated womxn (and Gender NonConforming Folx  Who has ever experienced life as a womxn or identifies as femme) as we come together in community to excavate our magic and create art to liberate us deeply and wholly through the Heroine’s journey Story Arc. 

Warrior Goddess Training Advanced Foundation Series



This circle will use art to connect with our inner child (maiden energy) and Big Myth. Then, we’ll use ritual, dream work, and energy work to deepen our relationship with our Big Myth in the space between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice .




  • Bi-Monthly theme-based articles, videos, and exercises (including recordings of our sessions together) with two calls for each of the three months 
  • Exploration of foundational mixed-media art techniques in combination with lessons from Warrior Goddess Training
  • Group dream work and teachings around how to bring our dream to life
  • Teachings on how to create and incorporate ritual into our lives 
  • A private Warrior Goddess He(art) online community to share inspiration, thoughts, dreams, your art from the class, and connect with the support of our tribe online via Facebook
  • Tarot cards to work with, drawn by Sarina for your Big Myth storybook

Investment: $222

(Cart closes at 11:59PM CDT on 9/24–Extended to Sept. 30th at 11:59PM CDT)

Dates of Zoom calls:

September 27th

October 4thand 25th

November 8thand 29th

December 6thand 20th


All calls will be from 5-6:30 CDT. 

Investment: $99 for all three months. Prepay by A



Art supplies you will need to scrounge, find, gather, borrow, or buy. . .

• Required •

An old book you don’t mind “recycling” into an art project 




Glue stick 

Binder clips (medium or large depending on the size of book)

Old gift card or popsicle stick

• Recommended • 


Gel matte medium


Acrylic paint

Pastels (oil)

Alcohol inks 

Mermaid Markers (by Jane Davenport)

Tissue paper


Old tarot cards you don’t mind using to make art with


Photo credit: Elena Ray