Let’s do something extraordinary.

 Greetings and Salutations,  I’m Sarina. I use she/her/hers pronouns. I’m the Kitchen Witch and Creatrix behind the scenes here at Creative Harz. I use my merdragon essence to support my community in getting FREE and building our capacity to shine. 

Mermaid dreaming and fluidity + Dragon intent and will = MERDRAGON MAGIC. It’s my own Warrior Goddess flavor and I love spreading it around like stardust to support us during challenging times–which let’s face it, happens more often than not in a world filled with bigotry, anti-Blackness, racism, white supremacy, Islamphobia, heterosexism, transphobia, ethnocentrism, ableism, colorism, invisibility, and all the other isms that would take me all day to write about. 

So, what brought you here? 

I can tell you what brought me here–to do this work: to remind people to have faith that another way is possible and then to play with that possibility. That’s how we get more free. We turn the systems upside down. We dismantle them from the inside out. We conjure up new ways of being. We tend to our Big Soul and stay connected to it through nourishment, gathering, and belonging. We bridge the ordinary and the extraordinary


Ritual, storytelling, and building the capacity to shine

Creative Harz is built upon the foundation of these three pillars. Everything we offer comes from the inspiration of these concepts as medicine for us. The lens we use is the indigenous wisdom of my ancestors (Thai, Thai-Chinese, German, and Celtic) and the Toltec concept of being the artists of our lives and spirit.

Our lives are art–our art. And that art tells a story–OUR STORY. It’s time to reclaim our stories and build our capacity to shine our unique ray of light in the world through cooking as ritual, expanding our ideas of art supplies, and stepping fully into curiosity and wonder while holding hands with fear. 

Come play with me. . .

There are several ways to work play with me. . .the options are limitless. . .

Warrior Goddess Book Club

Join us once a month for this inspirational book club experience. We dive into books such as The Four Agreements, Alice in Wonderland, The Spirit of Intimacy, and Warrior Goddess Training. 

Workshops, Warrior Goddess Foundation Series, and Retreats

I offer workshops and retreats where people can learn practical tools on how to come back home to themselves in a playful way. I also facilitate Warrior Goddess and Warrior Heart Practice Foundation classes in small groups quarterly. 

Ignite! 9-month Warrior Goddess Training Circle

This Warrior Goddess Training program was designed to bring together the most potent Toltec, European Shamanism, and Buddhist tools from around the world. Next local circle coming in February 2021. 

Individual Medicine Sessions (CURRENTLY FULL)

We work play together 1:1 using many ritual tools, including: healing energy work, dream journeys, sound, movement, tarot, dream processing, art, spacial clearings (for home or office), rites of passage, and other medicine tools. (Email sarina@creativeharz.com to get on the waitlist!)



Photo credit:  Elena Ray Art