Creative Harz (pronounced /härts/) uses workshops, classes, and sacred circles to help people engage in playfulness as a radical self-care practice. Together we’ll embark on the adventure of a lifetime to unblock why you are lost, afraid, anxious, in pain, guarded, stressed, stagnant, and stuck!


Su overlooking Modern Sparta and Old Mystras

What’s In Sight. . .

The Dragon’s Well: An Empowerment Book Club :: two Fridays a month from 6-8PM (FREE!)

The Art of Receiving Your Inner Wild Womxn: A Foundation Series  (April 5th-May 3rd)



Reclaim Your Fire: A Warrior Goddess Workshop to Wholeness, Fort Worth, TX.   Saturday, May 13th (10AM-6PM; firewalk 7:30-10PM).


Soul Speak Retreat, Estes Park, Colorado. October 5-8th. (Registration page launching March 2017)

Desire Digging and Intention Setting for 2018: New Year’s Eve DAY Play Date 

**Stay tuned! We have some other projects in the works but they aren’t quite ready to be revealed yet!